Ehsan “Essy” Knopf is an experienced writer who has worked across film, TV and online. He has developed a number of proposals for one-off, series and format documentaries for a number of production companies. Samples available upon request. He has also crafted a range of original human interest stories for online news.

A sample of Ehsan’s original stories can be found below.

Oscars uncovered: What it’s really like to be on the red carpet on Hollywood’s biggest night

‘Unbelievable’: The therapy parents claim is transforming the lives of children with autism

Internationally persecuted Muslims attend Anzac Day service to thank diggers for safeguarding free

‘No other place on earth’: The secret garden making a difference in the lives of people with a disability

Angel Gowns: The Australian women transforming wedding dresses into infant burial garments

Previously ‘unemployable’ people with disabilities now hitting the workforce

Meet the Sydneysiders with Down syndrome giving back to their community

‘Psychs on Bikes’ embark on cross-country ride to improve rural mental health awareness

‘We’re so proud of him’: Parents of four-year-old Sydney dinosaur expert submit application to Guinness World Records

Family members speak out ahead of National Family Drug Support Day

Other top-performing stories written by Ehsan:

Syrian child mistakes camera for weapon in disturbing photo
(22,027 Facebook likes, 638 shares, 6,826 comments, 463 Tweets)

Sesame Street gets first autistic character in bid to raise awareness
(15,634 Facebook likes, 2,059 shares, 1,149 comments, 48 Tweets)

‘World’s saddest dog’ now ‘world’s happiest dog’ after finding new home
(14,345 Facebook likes, 1007 shares, 750 comments, 6 Tweets)

‘Brittany’s Law’: California passes right-to-die bill
(13,302 Facebook likes, 1,311 shares, 867 comments, 29 Tweets)

Muslim woman defuses anti-Islam rally outside mosque by giving protester a hug
(12,606 Facebook likes, 1,263 shares, 2,445 comments, 89 Tweets)

WA police station’s newest ‘recruit’ is beyond cute and unlikely to intimidate anyone
(9,178 Facebook likes, 347 shares, 554 comments, 61 Tweets)

UK man with disability who looks ‘normal’ appeals to public to be more empathetic
(8,713 Facebook likes, 1531 shares, 1066 comments, 27 Tweets)2_uk_man_disability

Thousands moved by poignant image of young Marine praying with bride-to-be
(8,177 Facebook likes, 401 shares, 350 comments, 20 Tweets)http---prod.static9.net.au-_-media-images-2015-may-26-150526_raw_weddingphoto

Autistic girl pens heartwarming letter to mother from beneath teacher’s desk
(6,648 Facebook likes, 1655 shares, 457 comments, 44 Tweets)3_autistic_girl_pens

Loyal dog keeps watch over friend hit by car
(6,146 Facebook likes, 1055 shares, 799 comments, 151 Tweets)4_loyal_dog_keeps

Mum honours teenage son’s claims of independence by billing him for his expenses
(5,802 Facebook likes, 896 shares, 766 comments, 51 Tweets)http---prod.static9.net.au-_-media-images-2015-september-18-150918_raw_mumsnote

Hundreds turn out for funeral of UK WWII veteran feared forgotten
(5,240 Facebook likes, 257 shares, 121 comments, 23 Tweets)5_hundreds_turn_out

Heart-warming experiment purportedly shows bystanders intervening to help bullied girl
(4,412 Facebook likes, 1,242 shares, 343 comments, 33 Tweets)151023_raw_bullying

Pint-sized koala is zoo’s adorable new poster girl
(4,395 Facebook likes, 606 shares, 390 comments, 82 Tweets)6_pint_sized_koala

Horse brings ‘girlfriend’ bouquet of hay, mutual chewing ensues
(4,058 Facebook likes, 530 shares, 401 comments, 17 Tweets)horse

‘Desperately’ lonely elderly couple call emergency services – police officers join them for a cup of tea
(3,966 Facebook likes, 511 shares, 416 comments, 32 Tweets)7_desperately_lonely_elderly

Special needs girl pens touching ‘friend wish list’
(3,927 Facebook likes, 521 shares, 291 comments, 30 Tweets)http---prod.static9.net.au-_-media-images-2015-september-24-150924_raw_autismgirl

Rescued Californian calf that thinks he’s a dog achieves viral fame
(3854 Facebook likes, 378 shares, 507 comments, 82 Tweets)8_rescued_californian_calf

Rare Northern American ‘ghost cat’ officially declared extinct
(3,441 Facebook likes, 1,199 shares, 1,289 comments, 30 Tweets)

Cancer-beating pit bull ‘only ever attacked the disease’
(3,379 Facebook likes, 342 shares, 216 comments, 28 Tweets)9_cancer_beating_bull

Transgender woman forced to repeatedly come out to mum with dementia
(3,335 Facebook likes, 148 shares, 312 comments, 20 Tweets)10_transgender_woman_forced

Horrifically abused dog still greets the world with a tail wag
(3,295 Facebook likes, 427 shares, 644 comments, 42 Tweets)abused_dog

Reclining workstation will allow users to lie down on the job
(3,066 Facebook likes, 747 shares, 1529 comments, 28 Tweets)11_reclining_workstation_will

UK weather presenter pronounces impossibly long place name live on air

(2,630 Facebook likes, 590 shares, 887 comments, 35 Tweets)weatherman

Canadian dog’s face reduced to a pincushion after nasty encounter with porcupine
(2,396 likes, 954 shares, 1490 comments, 46 Tweets)12_canadian_dogs_FAce

New Jersey police officer treats barefoot man to new pair of shoes
(2,124 Facebook likes, 173 shares, 101 comments, 22 Tweets)13_new_jersey_police

Australian Federal Police working with US authorities to identify mystery amnesia woman
(2,115 Facebook likes, 2,672 shares, 706 comments, 65 Tweets)

Missing cat discovered 49 days later trapped alive in shipping container on other side of Australia
(1,875 Facebook likes, 388 shares, 450 comments, 192 Tweets)CEtg_sBUIAASLlc

Five-year-old has the sweetest reaction to mum’s pregnancy news
(1,810 Facebook likes, 208 shares, 220 comments, 17 Tweets)pleased_boy

Tiny girl with 3D-printed hand throws first pitch at US baseball game
(1,806 Facebook likes, 104 shares, 26 comments, 14 Tweets)tiny_girl

Greedy great white shark accidentally beaches itself in bid to eat bird
(1,776 Facebook likes, 334 shares, 434 comments, 25 Tweets)greedyshark

Egyptian policewoman lays the smack down on sexual molester
(1,849 Facebook likes, 173 shares, 366 comments, 38 Tweets)

Cat reunited with owner after surviving 49 days trapped in shipping container
(1,558 Facebook likes, 112 shares, 160 comments, 24 Tweets)

Man seeks mourners to attend UK war hero’s lonely funeral
(1,535 Facebook likes, 188 shares, 90 comments, 30 Tweets)

Unresponsive Alzheimer’s sufferer transformed by son’s performance
(1,496 Facebook likes, 175 shares, 105 comments, 13 Tweets)

Four episodes of Games of Thrones’ new season leaked online
(1,477 Facebook likes, 27 shares, 845 comments)

Driverless Mercedes stalks streets of San Francisco
(1,378 Facebook likes, 288 shares, 180 comments, 22 Tweets)

Families temporarily reunited 65 years after being separated by the Korean Wars
(1,352 Facebook likes, 121 shares, 99 comments, 20 Tweets)

Mother rabbit turns tables on snake in savage life-and-death battle
(1,330 Facebook likes, 318 shares, 221 comments, 36 Tweets)

NASA releases panoramic image of Mars’ Marathon Valley
(1,327 Facebook likes, 16 shares, 109 comments, 10 Tweets)

Sydney performers with disabilities seek funds for overseas adventure
(1,296 Facebook likes, 90 shares, 67 comments, 52 Tweets)

Blind dog joins family in Iditarod sled race
(1,250 Facebook likes, 17 shares, 30 comments, 34 Tweets)

Dormant Galapagos Islands volcano erupts for first time in three decades
(1,256 Facebook likes, 321 shares, 189 comments, 62 Tweets)

Viral image proves even wallabies need hugs
(1,246 Facebook likes, 457 shares, 166 comments, 56 Tweets)

Wife left flabbergasted after husband breaks pregnancy news
(1,213 Facebook likes, 117 shares, 239 comments, 12 Tweets)

Cameras capture moment stranger walks off with Melbourne man’s dog
1,083 Facebook likes, 705 shares, 392 comments, 30 Tweets)

Sydney performers with disabilities seek funds for overseas adventure
(1,018 Facebook likes, 34 shares, 44 comments, 34 Tweets)

Some small islands growing, not sinking in wake of sea level rise
(983 Facebook likes, 120 shares, 108 comments, 25 Tweets)

English train passenger sits with Muslim woman to show solidarity
(961 Facebook likes, 74 shares, 380 comments, 25 Tweets)

Reclining workstation will allow users to lie down on the job
(934 Facebook likes, 257 shares, 393 comments, 23 Tweets)

Young woman gets justice after posting image of alleged harasser to Facebook
(916 Facebook likes, 63 shares, 111 comments, 23 Tweets)

Hilarious ad featuring kids lip-synching animals goes viral
(883 Facebook likes, 283 Shares, 117 comments, 15 Tweets)

Watch Generation Z teens learn to use a Walkman for the first time
(864 Facebook likes, 153 shares, 142 comments, 14 Tweets)

UK armed forces charity stocks poppy-patterned hijab scarf amid growing demand
(860 Facebook likes, 75 shares, 246 comments, 41 Tweets)

Curiosity rover reveals blue Mars dusk
(841 Facebook likes, 94 shares, 29 comments, 35 Tweets)

Cranky flying fox becomes online sensation after gorging on banana following fruit theft attempt
(832 Facebook likes, 104 shares, 240 comments, 16 Tweets)

Sydney man ‘forgets’ to plug in headphones while watching porn in crowded lecture theatre
(818 Facebook likes, 128 shares, 265 comments, 31 Tweets)

Letters from British teen soldier to family reveal high hopes before tragic death
(812 Facebook likes, 99 shares, 105 comments, 6 Tweets)

Bedazzling discovery: Researchers to demonstrate ground-breaking portable cloaking device
(796 Facebook likes, 114 shares, 190 comments, 37 Tweets)

Stockholm hotel under siege by angry badger
(785 Facebook likes, 105 shares, 107 comments, 28 Tweets)

Israeli hummus joint offers 50 percent discount for Arabs and Jews willing to dine together in bid to promote peace
(751 Facebook likes, 82 shares, 341 comments, 32 Tweets)

Massachusetts woman learns of pregnancy only after going into labour
(744 Facebook likes, 87 shares, 304 comments, 13 Tweets)

Perth owner demands justice for ‘gentle’ dog shot dead by police
(740 Facebook likes, 163 shares, 275 comments, 41 Tweets)

Kentucky creationists on track to build publicly funded $40.5 million replica of Noah’s Ark
(730 Facebook likes, 199 shares, 650 comments, 25 Tweets)

Californian teen caught bullying blind classmate gets brutal comeuppance
(676 Facebook likes, 141 shares, 156 comments, 24 Tweets)

French animal rights group steals pleading homeless man’s dog as shocked bystanders watch on
(669 Facebook likes, 418 shares, 1,150 comments, 113 Tweets)

US couple try to recruit blood marrow donors with a parody of Taylor Swift hit ‘Bad Blood’
(563 Facebook likes, 62 shares, 30 comments, 8 Tweets)

Pedantic palaeontologist gives Jurassic World a bad rap
(536 Facebook likes, 65 shares, 248 comments)

Police warn against Sydney Harbour Bridge train surfing game
(510 Facebook likes, 11 shares, 156 comments, 20 Tweets)

Is this how Skynet takes over? The shape-shifting liquid metal that channels the Terminator
(484 Facebook likes, 23 shares, 120 comments, 12 Tweets)

Scientists unveil the true colour of dinosaur eggs
(480 Facebook likes, 63 shares, 80 comments, 31 Tweets)

Couple allegedly caught on CCTV stealing passport from Brisbane letterbox
(458 Facebook likes, 248 shares, 134 comments, 7 Tweets)