Lovesick: The Web Series launched

Lovesick: The Web Series launched

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Sydney-based documentary filmmaker Ehsan (Essy) Knopf has launched a free documentary web series on online dating and modern romance titled Lovesick: The Web Series.

Lovesick: The Web Series attempts to unscramble the myths of modern love, investigating our ideas of romance, our obsession with ‘choice’ in the love market, the dying practice of courtship, the risks posed by online dating and ‘best practice’ rules for using these services.

The series springs out of Essy Knopf’s own unsuccessful experience using online dating services exclusively to meet romantic partners over the last 10 years.

Director Essy said: “Lovesick: The Web Series is fuelled by my desire to make sense of the stories that drive us in our pursuit of love, but also how online dating is shaping how we now engage with our potential partners. My lack of success finding a long-term relationship online in hindsight has less to do with the medium than with the myths underpinning our search as a culture.”

The series comprises interviews with dating bloggers, coaches, authors, online daters and ‘traditionalists’. It strikes a balance between expert commentary and insightful, funny — and sometimes alarming — personal accounts of modern love, dating and romance.

An experienced industry professional with a background in directing, Lovesick: The Web Series is Essy’s most ambitious project to date, one which he believes offers a fresh, provocative spin on a popular topic.

Essy said: “There have been a number of documentaries already on online dating. Very few however dig deeper and try to understand the forces and stories motivating our use of these services. Lovesick: The Web Series is our chance to ask critical questions about modern romance and hopefully uncover new insights.”

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