Lovesick Kickstarter campaign launched

Lovesick Kickstarter campaign launched

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Documentary filmmaker Ehsan (Essy) Knopf has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for his feature documentary Lovesick: Myths of Modern Love.

Lovesick: Myths of Modern Love will take director Essy and performance artist co-host Amy on a globe-spanning adventure to meet leading cultural critics, creators of online dating web services and apps and others users, as they trace the origins of romance as we know it, decrypt the mystery of our culture’s most popular story — the love narrative — and reveal just how the rise of online dating has altered how we now seek our partners.

Essy, who launched a Kickstarter campaign for Lovesick: Myths of Modern Love on the 22nd of July, hopes to raise $30,000 to cover the film’s various production costs. The campaign will conclude after a month on the 21st of August.

An experienced industry professional with a background in directing, Lovesick: Myths of Modern Love is Essy’s most ambitious project to date, and one which he believes offers a fresh, provocative spin on a popular topic.

Essy said: “There have been a number of documentaries already on online dating. Very few however dig deeper and try to understand the forces and stories motivating our use of these services. Not many analyse our attitudes and approaches to finding partners online. Lovesick: Myths of Modern Love is our chance to ask crucial questions about modern romance and hopefully uncover new insights.”

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