Lovesick: The Web Series

Lovesick: The Web Series

Above is a YouTube playlist for Lovesick: The Web Series. Hit the play button to watch the trailer, or the skip button to watch episode 1. Check out official website for more information or follow the series on Facebook.

The allure of dating websites and apps is strange but undeniable.

Opening into new realms of romantic possibility, these services draw upon our belief in the power of love: a force that can transform our lives and redeem our entire existence. It’s a cultural narrative  that wouldn’t be possible if not for the films, TV shows, novels, ads and popular music that continue to perpetuate it today.

Having used dating websites and apps for the last 10 years without much success, filmmaker Ehsan (Essy) Knopf is intrigued by the spell romantic tales continues to weave over us. He wonders,  just how did we as a culture come to be so lovesick – enamoured with the idea of romance and being in love?

With so many dating websites and apps now available, why is it now harder than ever to find our match? Online dating services and apps have made the process of finding our partners both convenient and “fun”, but are they creating checklist expectations, leaving us more lonely and unfulfilled than before?